The Horoscope or Birth Chart is a representation of where the Planets were at the time of your birth.  It is divided into 12 categories of your life and they are referred to as Houses.  The Houses are displayed in a circle and each House is 30° wide.  This adds up to a total of 360° which is the circumference of a circle. 
Each sign of the zodiac will be shown within the 12 Houses in their natural order. 

​The Planets move daily through the signs and will be placed within the 12 Houses depending on the degree and sign they are in at the time of your birth. Since the Planets move throughout the degrees of the zodiac at different speeds their distance between one another changes daily.  This is represented in the Birth Chart by geometry.

Every Astrologer is trained to derive information about you using various methods and techniques and if your birth time is accurate will reveal detailed information about you.  The Birth Chart will identify what you need in life to be fulfilled, the way you relate to people, the sort of partner you need, the profession you ought to seek, your children, friends, parents, talents, abilities and much more. 

Astrology and psychology are closely related so that a good Astrologer can be very helpful identifying your needs.   Recognizing and understanding them are crucial in forming a strong foundation that will support your goals and aspirations. In essence, the Birth Chart will be a clear picture of your inner assets and liabilities. This knowledge is key to achieving happiness and fulfillment in your life.



My readings often start with something that may just have happened.  This means I am tuning into you and from there we move forward into the future.  There are different ways we can work together.  You can have a general reading where I will bring up issues that are around you now or you may ask questions.  Readings can be quite stimulating and often lead into things you know about but I may see things coming down the track and suggest you make some modifications to your plans.  I am an empath and will tune into your feelings.  This guides me to help resolve the issues that led you to me.  It can be important to know things in advance because we all have free will and can change the path we are on if we are aware of a potential outcome we do not want.

I really love to have feedback about how you felt the reading was.  Please send me an email after your reading so that I may include it with my other testimonials.


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